Price$ 2,300.00

Registration year1950

Mileage0 miles

Power0 HP



Num of seats5


Vehicle TypeSedan

Reference ID1950 plymouth

Vehicle description

The Plymouth De Luxe is a full-sized automobile which was produced by American manufacturer Plymouth from 1946 to 1950. It offered in two trim levels, the De Luxe and the top-of-the-line Special De Luxe.

 De Luxe body styles included a four-door sedan, two-door sedan, club coupe, and business coupe. Special De Luxes added a convertible coupe and wood-body station wagon to the line-up. 

The first post-war Plymouth, a P15S De Luxe, came off the line October 22, 1945. Special De Luxes would follow four days later. Bodies for the P15 Plymouths were virtually unchanged from 1942, with only minor trim differences. “Engineering magic greets you right from the start. You don’t grope for a starter button or pedal. You don’t pull on a choke. You simply turn the ignition key- and the engine starts.

The 217 ci engine stayed the same and was still rated at 95 hp, attained at 3600 rpm instead of 3400 rpm. An economy engine package using a smaller intake manifold and carburetor with 1 inch bore returned to the option list. Aluminum pistons replaced the cast iron ones that had been mandated during the war.