MakeJohn Deere


Price$ 1,800.00

Registration year1965

Mileage0 miles

Power0 HP

Reference IDJohn Deere

Vehicle description

Model 2010 John Deere Tractor.


Not running, needs some restoration to the exhaust.

Hydraulic bucket

PTO drive in rear.

With a little TLC, this amazing American machine will perform like new!!


*The second smallest of the new line – the Model 2010—was produced from 1960 to 1965. It roughly replaced the Model 630. The engine of the Model 2010, as well as that of the Model 100, was based on a sleeve and deck design which provided efficient heat dissipation. Engineers in the Dubuque factory had considerable experience with vertical, water-cooled engines and this was evident in these engines. The styling of the Model 2010, however, was more like that of the tractors manufactured in the Waterloo factory—Models 3010 and 4010.


*Models 1010 and 2010 had four-cylinder engines; Models 3010 and 4010 had six-cylinders. The upper three models had Syncro-Range transmissions, which provided eight forward and three reverse gears. These transmissions incorporated synchronizers (small clutches) which allowed operators to change speeds on the move in each of four ranges and to shuttle-shift between forward and reverse. A closed-center hydraulic system provided up to three independent “live” hydraulic circuits to serve a rear rockshaft and one or two remote cylinders. A high ratio of horsepower to weight allowed greater equipment loads at higher speeds than in previous tractors, reduced the lugging of the engine and provided greater efficiency.


*The Model 2010 was replaced by the Model 2510 in 1966.